Strategic Locations

M. A. Folkes has been strategically positioned in three locations throughout the U.S. in order to serve customers in the most efficient way possible. These locations were determined after consideration as to which cities were the key distribution and logistics hubs for our customers, key port-cities, and regions still emerging in logistics services. Based on data and our assessment of our customers’ logistic needs, we decided to establish a presence in the following locations:

M. A. Folkes is headquartered in Southern Ohio and plays a key role in serving our customers in the Northeastern corridor of the U.S. This location is the largest of the three M. A. Folkes facilities, and encompasses hundreds of thousands of square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space. This region offers vast transportation options and logistics services and provides national and regional market accessibility.

Our second facility is located in Riverside, California and provides 47,000 square feet of warehousing, light assembly, distribution & logistics services. This location was decided upon based on being easily accessible via truck, rail, air and ocean, as well as being strategically located and affected by national and international trade patterns through Southern California ports.

The third M. A. Folkes location is a 10,000 square foot facility in Albany, Georgia. Its positioning was established to offer a presence within the transportation hub that serves the southern states of the U.S. reaching 82 percent of the domestic industrial market and 79 percent of the nation’s largest consumer markets within two days or less.