Green Initiatives

Watch our Green Initiative Video:

Every year hundreds of thousands of pallets and containers  are recovered and reused through collective efforts between us and our customers.  This reduces the need for consumption of new lumber/containers, fuel for transportation and other natural resources. Our Asset Recovery System and Inspection process and Container Management, Recovery & Reuse programs, create second-generation products while leaving a favorable footprint in our environment. 

The foundation of M. A. Folkes has always been to provide value-added services to  consumers. We are dedicated to continuously seeking innovative ways to implement practices that contribute to  the preservation of the environment and save you money.

M.A. Folkes is committed to environmental preservation, continuous improvements in the management of our employees and processes. With innovation at our core, M.A. Folkes Company is consistently coming up with cost saving strategies and has engineered a one of a kind machine; the board splitter, with the capability to cut through both nails and wood. This innovation has greatly improved our ability to manufacture pallets using both new and recycled lumber to meet our customer's needs at a significantly reduced price.