Corporate Social Responsibility

M. A. Folkes believes that it is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility to create wealth and to provide resources needed for tomorrow’s economy. In our goal to contribute to a stronger, more equalized opportunity society, we have created resources and established alliances to enhance local business opportunities, and to improve social harmony within our own community as part of our civic duty.

Our corporate commitments extend far beyond our local strategies.With the creation of our non-profit organization; The Melbourne & Michael Folkes Foundation in April 2014 and its' spokesperson; Patchy, we are paying it forward by contributing to the nurturing and developing of our younger generation who are the future leaders, in the Mighty In Character (MIC) Leader way in both Jamaica and the United States of America.

We at M. A. Folkes share a desire to give back and are always open to opportunities that allow us to use our resources in support of, or in service to educational institutions such as, Fulton Elementary School in Springfield, Ohio, Thomas More College, in Crestville Hills, Kentucky as well as organizations, and groups such as Trinit-D, Envision Children who are all dedicated to doing the most good to positively impact change on both a local and national level.