Who We Are

The M. A. Folkes Company was founded on the idea that many aspects in business and in life have more inherent value than are given credit for. Like many entrepreneurs, Michael A. Folkes, President and CEO of M. A. Folkes, has been encouraged by this viewpoint.

Since 1997, M. A. Folkes has provided end-to-end processes for warehousing, manufacturing, asset recovery, printing, packaging, documentation and logistics designed to implement value-added solutions to improve the quality and productivity of many companies.

M. A. Folkes has developed into a nationally, multiple strategically positioned business, employing a diverse workforce dedicated to programs specialized in improving clients’ bottom lines. In addition, M. A. Folkes invests in the most innovative technology and equipment designed to increase customer satisfaction by extracting value in everyday materials and processes. This conscious mind set is apparent with other services including local community outreach and a corporate commitment to education and health services to communities overseas.