MAF Capabilities:

Strategic Partnerships


The Metalworking Group has a complete manufacturing facility with large sheet processing capabilities, advanced nesting software and an array of press brakes, punch presses and laser cutting tables. One major advantage of their strategic alliance with M. A. Folkes is the number of metal stamping cells on site at the M. A. Folkes’ facility, dedicated to part production. This gives us the ability to monitor and adjust the manufacturing process for accurate and prompt delivery of parts.

The collaboration also allows us to respond to the continual need for specially designed metal parts in Maintenance and Repair operations such as:

  • Brackets
  • Collars
  • Holders
  • Structural Supports
  • Templates and the like

This also includes sub-component assembly, packaging and shipping requirements for massive, complex or fragile products such as electronic equipment and automotive parts. These parts vary greatly and are usually needed quickly and in low quantities.

"Our partnership with Michael Folkes extends well over a decade.  Our companies have worked together to provide dynamic, innovative and effective customer solutions.  Michael is a diligent, focused, and imaginative professional.  In all of our ventures, Michael has demonstrated the ability to meet customer expectations and follow through with all of his commitments.  The MA Folkes Company is a respected organization, and the reputation is well deserved.” - Michael Schmitt, President, Metal Working Group

If you would like more information about The Metalworking Group, please visit their website at www.metalworkinggroup.com.




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