Ket-Moy Printing

Ket-Moy Printing advanced printing facilities offer speed, quality and versatility at highly competitive unit pricing. Consolidating stock, efficient layouts and variable data and digital printing are a few of the ways they save money for our clients. M. A. Folkes developed a strong alliance with them for that reason.

Ket-Moy, in turn, utilizes M. A. Folkes warehousing and fulfillment capabilities for an even more efficient use of time, space and capabilities. This is another clear example of our integrated, customer-focused approach used throughout our business to offer the most value to our clients.

"Michael Folkes is one of the most energetic people I know, and it seems to me that he is always working. He is highly intelligent and has a creative mind so he is always finding unique solutions for his customers. Michael and his team are always willing to cooperate with our business and others to serve his customers."  -Henry Sester, President, Ket-Moy Printing

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