3rd Party Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution

M. A. Folkes provides significant resources for assembly, packaging, shipping and storage, including hundreds of thousands of square feet of customizable warehouse space for inventory and intermittent client operations. We offer a 15,000 square foot enclosed and secure facility that can accommodate everything from high value items to items with competitive sensitivity. Beyond complete Just In Time (JIT) delivery and inventory management, we also integrate logistics and warehousing solutions in which we employ a variety of specific third party services, including:

  • Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI)
  • Quality Engineering Services
  • Industrial Parts Sorting/Inspection Services (IPSIS)
  • Virtual Warehouse Inventory Management

Our facility works for you from the moment your products are received. We can assemble, pack, label, store and ship your items, all while providing you with web-based access to real-time statistics.

M. A. Folkes even expands beyond conventional storage needs by adding strategic value to your operations with inventory overflow, rotating inventory, rotating machinery and more. We save you money, time, resources and space with our quality management systems.

For more information or to request a quote for our Warehousing & Inventory Management services, please contact us immediately.