Xerox Corporation 2

Xerox Corporation has partnered with M.A. Folkes for over 17 years.  During this time we have worked together on various green initiatives which have included pallet return, reuse and reclaim programs.  We have worked closely with M.A. Folkes to develop a program to utilize non-usable pallets generated by Xerox operations.  M.A. Folkes has streamlined their internal process to efficiently break down non-usable pallets into usable piece parts. Combining these reclaimed parts with new materials enables them to build usable pallets, meeting Xerox requirements, at a cost well below the market price of using solely virgin materials.

Together we have minimized the purchase of raw material, significantly reduced the amount of scrap going into our landfills and saved Xerox thousands of dollars annually.  The partnership has been mutually beneficial to both companies and our environment!


Vince Siciliano

National Equipment Logistics Support and Training Manager Xerox Corporation